Punjab allocates Rs560 billion for annual development program

Punjab allocates Rs560 billion for annual development program

LAHORE:  The Punjab government has allocated Rs560 billion for Annual Development Plan (ADP) for fiscal year 2021/2022, which is 66 percent higher when compared with Rs337 billion of the outgoing fiscal year.

The provincial government issued following details related to allocation for the development projects:

Housing and Public Health Engineering

  • Waste water treatment plant at Babu Sabu Lahore – Rs35.1 billion
  • Provision of clean drinking water through Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority to more than 70 million population in all districts of Punjab – Rs11.6 billion
  • Construction of flyovers and underpasses in Lahore – more than Rs10 billion


  • Construction of Jalalpur Canal – Rs32.72 billion
  • Remodeling of SMB Link Canal & enhancing capacity of Mailsi Syphon – Rs 4.03 billion
  • Disaster & Climate Resilience project – Rs10.7 billion
  • Trimmu Brrage, Punjnad Headworks – Rs16.8 billion

Social Welfare & Bait ul Maal

  • Panagahs at all divisional headquarters in Punjab – Rs793 million
  • Violence against women centers at DG Khan, Rawalpindi and Lahore – Rs425.5 million
  • Disabled person management information system – Rs196.4 million

Public Private Partnership Projects

  • Lai Expressway, Rawalpindi to Islamabad – Rs55 billion
  • Okara – Satgara – Syedwala – Jaranwala – Chak Jhumra Expressway Road – Rs25.4 billion
  • Sialkot Ring Road – Rs15.9 billion
  • Installation of Water Meters in Lahore – Rs10.4 billion
  • Multan Vehari Road – Rs12.01 billion


  • Ten billion tree Tsunami Program (Phase – I) – Rs13.1 billion
  • Establishment of Dargai Gill Gorest Park – Rs398 million
  • Development at Pabbi National park – Rs150 million

Law & Order and Emergency Services

  • Prison Management Information System for all prisons – Rs290 million
  • Rescue 1122 Service in all Districts of Punjab – Rs683 million
  • Motorbike Ambulance Service in remaining 27 districts of Punjab – Rs984 million


  • Procurement of 200 Eco friendly urban buses for major cities of Punjab – Rs3.4 billion
  • Construction of 200 bus stops/shelters including bus information system in Lahore – 498 million
  • Centralized Auomtaed Fare Collection and Bus Scheduling System – Rs312 million


  • Renewable energy sector program – 12.86 billion
  • Establishment of Punjab Grid Company
  • Punjab Ujala Program for School Solarization – Rs1.53 billion
  • Solarization of 303 schools (for differently abled children) – Rs250 million


  • Installation of air quality monitoring system across Punjab
  • Installation of water quality monitoring system across Punjab

Agriculture & Food Security

  • Punjab irrigated agriculture productivity improvement – Rs41.7 billion
  • National program for improvement of watercourses phase – II- Rs18.33 billion
  • Agriculture Transformation plan – Rs51.9 billion]
  • Subsidy of Agriculture inputs – Rs4 billion

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