Rolls-Royce unveils Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow: only 12 units produced

Rolls-Royce unveils Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow: only 12 units produced

The Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow has been unveiled by Rolls-Royce, with a global availability limited to just 12 units.

The Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow is significant as it marks the conclusion of the production of one of the most revolutionary cars in the history of the Rolls-Royce brand.

This exceptional bespoke creation, with only 12 units produced worldwide, also represents the final V12 coupe that Rolls-Royce will ever manufacture, as the company sets out on its new and daring electric era.

The unique Bespoke finish of the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow showcases a complete color gradient that transitions between two shades: Celebration Silver and Black Diamond.

To achieve a striking motion blur effect from the front to the back, a glass-infused ‘Crystal’ paint over layer has been applied to the Black Diamond paint, enhancing the color transition.

Additionally, this exclusive Bespoke technique provides the coachwork with a subtle texture inspired by the crusted surface of the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is set under a high-gloss lacquer and then polished for over 12 hours to achieve a glass-like finish.

In honor of Rolls-Royce’s final V12 coupe, the brand’s Bespoke Collective of engineers, designers, and craftspeople worked together to create a distinctive artwork for the fascia of the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow.

The detailed and tactile design expertly portrays the modern V12 engine in the Wraith model. Reflecting the noir atmosphere of the Black Badge family, the highly intricate design – developed over a period of two months – is engraved on a single sheet of black-coated aluminum to reveal the shining metal beneath, creating a striking visual connection to the polished aluminum body of Thunderbolt.

The interior of the Black Arrow features a newly developed material that has been created specifically for this collection.

The armrests, seat gussets, transmission tunnel, door detail, door panniers, and lower dashboard panel are all adorned with ‘Club Leather’, a material that has a more lustrous sheen and an even deeper black color, providing a subtle contrast to the matte natural-grain black leather that is characteristic of Rolls-Royce.

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