SBP makes permission mandatory for motor car import State Bank of Pakistan

SBP makes permission mandatory for motor car import

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Tuesday made it mandatory for banks to take prior permission for making transactions related to import of motor cars in Completely Knocked Down (CKD).

The SBP issued a circular to implement the decision. The central bank invited attention of banks to EPD Circular Letter No. 9 dated May 20, 2022 relating to import of goods.

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In this regard, the list of goods for which Authorized Dealers are required to seek prior permission from Foreign Exchange Operations Department (FEOD), SBP-BSC for initiating the import transaction, has been updated.

Henceforth, Authorized Dealers shall be required to seek prior permission from FEOD, SBP-BSC before initiating transactions for import of goods listed in the enclosed Annexure.

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All other instructions on the subject shall remain unchanged. The banks have been advised to bring the same to the knowledge of all the concerned and ensure meticulous compliance of the above and other applicable regulations on the subject.

Authorized Dealers are especially instructed to bring these instructions to the knowledge of their customers and advise them to approach the bank before initiation of import transaction of any item covered under this circular letter.

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It is important to note that the government on May 19, 2022 imposed ban on luxury and non-essential items in order to discourage outflow of dollars.

The import ban was imposed on only motor vehicles Completely Built Unit (CBU). However, the circular of the SBP has made the CKD motor cars import subject to prior approval.

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