Ship not to be allowed leaving without payment: Zaidi

Ship not to be allowed leaving without payment: Zaidi

ISLAMABAD: Ali Haider Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs on Sunday said that the standard ship in Karachi would not be allowed to leave without recovering outstanding dues and inspection expenditures.

Speaking to media here, he said that the ship was stranded and taken off the shores of Karachi.

This is the first ship to be stranded and taken off. It is law across the world that the company which owns the ship is responsible for its pull out.

The captain of the ship did not make any emergency call informing that the ship was stranded, he said.

He said that on the same day when the ship was stranded on the shores of Karachi. Also the engine, radar of ship was weak. Some 100 tons diesel was extracted from the ship.

Pakistan on Tuesday detained a cargo ship, which was stuck up at Karachi Seaview beach on July 21, 2021.

The government has taken the decision to detain the ship after an inspection found the vessel in defective condition.

According to a letter issued by a department of Ministry of Maritime Affairs to the captain of the ship namely HENG TONG 77 was declared unseaworthy.

Replying to a question, he said that the government has full faith that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will discharge its duties to ensure free and fair Cantonment Election as its mandate under article 218(3) of constitution.

However he was surprised to receive a show cause notice as he was not in the constituency since elections were announced. The minister said he has submitted his reply to the show cause notice.

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