SRB issues sales tax rate on telecom services

SRB issues sales tax rate on telecom services

KARACHI: Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) on Tuesday updated working tariff up to November 01, 2020 for levy of sales tax on telecommunication services.

The sales tax on services are exempt on telecommunication services involving charges payable on the international leased lines or bandwidth services used by the software exporting firms registered with the Pakistan Software Export Board.

Following is the table for the application of sales tax on telecommunication services along with tariff headings:

9812.1000Telephone services19.5%
9812.1100Fixed line voice telephone service19.5%
9812.1200Wireless telephone19.5%
9812.1210Cellular telephone19.5%
9812.1220Wireless Local Loop telephone19.5%
9812.1300Video telephone19.5%
9812.1400Payphone cards19.5%
9812.1500Prepaid calling cards19.5%
9812.1600Voice mail service19.5%
9812.1700Messaging service19.5%
9812.1710Short Message service (SMS)19.5%
9812.1720Multimedia message service (MMS)19.5%
9812.1910Shifting of telephone connection19.5%
9812.1920Installation of telephone19.5%
9812.1930Provision of telephone extension19.5%
9812.1940Changing of telephone connection19.5%
9812.1950Conversion of NWD connection to non NWD or vice versa19.5%
9812.1960Cost of telephone set19.5%
9812.1970Restoration of telephone connection19.5%
9812.2000Bandwidth services19.5%
9812.2100Copper line based19.5%
9812.2200Fibre-optic based19.5%
9812.2300Co-axial cable based19.5%
9812.2400Microwave based19.5%
9812.2500Satellite based19.5%
9812.5010Store and forward fax services19.5%
9812.6000Internet services19.5%
9812.6100Internet services including email services19.5%
9812.6110Dial-up internet services19.5%
9812.6120Broadband services for DSL connection19.5%
9812.6121Copper line based19.5%
9812.6122Fibre-optic based19.5%
9812.6123Co-axial cable based19.5%
9812.6124Wireless based19.5%
9812.6125Satellite based19.5%
9812.6130Internet/email/Data/SMS/MMS services on WLL networks19.5%
9812.6140Internet/email/Data/SMS/MMS services on cellular mobile networks19.5%
9812.6200Data Communication Network services (DCNS)19.5%
9812.6210Copper Line based19.5%
9812.6220Co-axial cable based19.5%
9812.6230Fibre-optic based19.5%
9812.6240Wireless/Radio based19.5%
9812.6250Satellite based19.5%
9812.6300Value added data services19.5%
9812.6310Virtual private Network services (VPN)19.5%
9812.6320Digital Signature service19.5%
1[9812.7000Other specified telecommunication services19.5%
9812.7100Audio Text Services19.5%
9812.7200Teletext services19.5%
9812.7300Trunk radio services19.5%
9812.7400Paging services including voice paging services and radio paging services19.5%
9812.8000Tracking and alarm service19.5%
9812.8100Vehicle tracking and other tracking services19.5%
9812.8200Burglar and security alarm services19.5%
9812.9000Telecommunication services not elsewhere specified]19.5%

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