State Bank’s foreign exchange rates – September 07, 2022

State Bank’s foreign exchange rates – September 07, 2022

KARACHI – The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has provided customers with the latest foreign exchange rates for September 07, 2022.

These rates, based on the weighted average rates of commercial banks, are crucial for businesses and individuals engaged in international transactions.

The SBP emphasized that the data is compiled and disseminated for informational purposes only. These exchange rates are estimates quoted by various commercial banks to their clients, providing insights into the indicative rates for commercial transactions.

Below are the buying and selling rates of various foreign currencies against the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) on September 07, 2022:

• UAE Dirham (AED):

• Buying: PKR 60.7923

• Selling: PKR 60.8997

• Australian Dollar (AUD):

• Buying: PKR 150.0323

• Selling: PKR 150.3035

• Canadian Dollar (CAD):

• Buying: PKR 169.3022

• Selling: PKR 169.6065

• Swiss Franc (CHF):

• Buying: PKR 226.6124

• Selling: PKR 227.0236

• Chinese Yuan (CNY):

• Buying: PKR 32.0336

• Selling: PKR 32.0881

• Euro (EUR):

• Buying: PKR 221.0529

• Selling: PKR 221.4674

• UK Pound (GBP):

• Buying: PKR 256.4256

• Selling: PKR 256.9030

• Japanese Yen (JPY):

• Buying: PKR 1.5491

• Selling: PKR 1.5520

• Saudi Riyal (SAR):

• Buying: PKR 59.3933

• Selling: PKR 59.5004

• US Dollar (USD):

• Buying: PKR 223.1327

• Selling: PKR 223.5488

These rates serve as benchmarks for businesses engaged in international trade, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding currency conversions. The SBP’s commitment to transparency is evident in the timely release of these rates, reflecting the market dynamics influenced by the weighted average rates of commercial banks.

It is important to note that exchange rates are subject to fluctuations due to various economic factors, geopolitical events, and global market conditions. Therefore, businesses and individuals involved in cross-border transactions are encouraged to stay informed and regularly monitor updates from the State Bank of Pakistan.

The SBP’s role in providing accurate and timely information contributes to the stability and openness of the financial system in Pakistan. As the global economic landscape evolves, access to reliable exchange rate information becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to navigate risks and make well-informed financial decisions.