What is due date for tax payment?

What is due date for tax payment?

Section 137 of theIncome Tax Ordinance, 2001explains about the due date for making payment of tax.

TheFederal Board of Revenue (FBR)issued theIncome Tax Ordinance, 2001updated up to June 30, 2021. TheOrdinanceincorporated amendments brought throughFinance Act, 2021.

Following is the text of Section 137 ofIncome Tax Ordinance, 2001:

137. Due date for payment of tax.— (1) The tax payable by a taxpayer on the taxable income of the taxpayer including the tax payable under section 113 or 113A for a tax year shall be due on the due date for furnishing the taxpayer’s return of income for that year.

(2) Where any tax is payable under an assessment order or an amended assessment order or any other order issued by the Commissioner under this Ordinance, a notice shall be served upon the taxpayer in the prescribed form specifying the amount payable and thereupon the sum so specified shall be paid within thirty days from the date of service of the notice:

Provided that the due date for payment of tax payable under sub- section (7) of section 147 shall be the date specified in sub-section (5) or sub-section (5A) or first proviso to sub-section (5B) of section 147.

(3) Nothing in sub-section (2) or (4) shall affect the operation of sub-section (1).

(4) Upon written application by a taxpayer, the Commissioner may, where good cause is shown, grant the taxpayer an extension of time for payment of tax due under sub-section (2) or allow the taxpayer to pay such tax in instalments of equal or varying amounts as the Commissioner may determine having regard to the circumstances of the case.

(5) Where a taxpayer is permitted to pay tax by instalments and the taxpayer defaults in payment of any instalments, the whole balance of the tax outstanding shall become immediately payable.

(6) The grant of an extension of time to pay tax due or the grant of permission to pay tax due by instalments shall not preclude the liability for default surcharge arising under section 205 from the due date of the tax under sub-section (2).

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