Credit card fraud by bank official unearthed

Credit card fraud by bank official unearthed

ISLAMABAD: The Banking Mohtasib (Ombudsman) has provided a relief to a person, who lost money through credit card transactions that were made fraudulently by a bank official.

In its annual report for the year ending December 31, 2019, it revealed the complainant maintaining an account with the bank submitted that he had never availed any personal loan or credit card facility from the bank, but to his surprise he received a credit card bill dated September 29, 2018 for Rs 138,579.59 against a credit card.

After which bank staff also met him and informed that in addition to the credit card liability, a personal loan of Rs 240,000/- was also disbursed in his name.

The complainant claimed that he had neither applied for these facilities nor had availed them. The complainant took up the matter with the bank, but to no avail.

He, therefore, lodged a complaint with the Banking Mohtasib.

On receipt of the complaint, the bank was advised to provide the factual report. In response, the bank provided loan documents wherein the complainant registered mobile numbers were mentioned and documents were duly signed by the complainant.

The bank further added that he was contacted on his registered number and has accepted that loan was availed by him.

However, later Banking Mohtasib Office contacted the complainant on cell number provided in his complaint form, he disowned the loan outstanding against him stating that he had never availed this loan.

However, he suspected that one of the staff members of the bank’s branch might have done so.

Since the complainant was adamant to accept this liability and stuck to his version that he had not availed these facilities, the bank was asked to provide CDs of audio recordings and transcripts of recording made both with the complainant and the other person (suspected official of the branch) in order to ascertain the veracity.

The bank provided the above material and it was observed that the bank official was impersonating as complainant for issuance of credit card and for availing the loan facility.

The bank official, who was supposed to be a complainant, accepted the liability.

Finally, the case was fixed for hearing and the bank was advised for early resolution of complaint, as the complainant had neither availed loan nor committed any default.

The bank after thorough investigation agreed with the complainant’s stance and nullified the complainant’s outstanding loan of Rs 378,579/ and credit card liability.