FBR sets up DGBTB for taking action against tax evaders

FBR sets up DGBTB for taking action against tax evaders

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday established a new directorate for taking action against tax evaders.

The FBR notified to create Directorate General of Broadening of Tax Base (DGBTB) to bring potential taxpayers into tax net.

The new directorate, which was already made part of the statute, will work on the available data of persons and companies those were not into the tax net.

The directorate will have powers to identify new taxpayers, issue notice and to initiate legal action.

The FBR currently reportedly has huge data of persons having taxable income but not on the tax roll. In the existing set up the BTB action was taken as per routine matter.

The new directorate will also have jurisdiction over benami cases and take action as per law.

The FBR recently notified rules for benami laws which was approved by the National Assembly in January 2017. The FBR has transferred the cases of benami properties to BTB wing to initiate legal action against tax evaders.

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