FBR starts scrutiny of officials under new directory retirement rules

FBR starts scrutiny of officials under new directory retirement rules

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has started scrutiny of its officials from BS-1 to BS-16 under recently introduced the Civil Servants (Director Retirement from Services) Rules, 2020.

In this regard the FBR on Tuesday issued directives to Chief Commissioners of Large Taxpayers Units (LTUs)/Regional Tax Offices (RTOs), Chief Collectors and Collectors of Customs and all director generals of Inland Revenue and Customs to submit details of officials in BS-16 and below whose cases qualify for consideration under the Civil Servants (Directory Retirement from Service) Rules, 2020.

Necessary supporting documentary evidence may also be furnished alongwith these lists to the FBR by August 13, 2020 to enable the board to convene the meeting of the retirement committee.

The heads of IR and Customs have been asked to provide details of officials from BS-1 to BS-16, including:

01. Name of the officer with BPS

02. Date of Entry into Civil Service

03. Total length of Service

04. No of Average Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) (alongwith period of PER) and name of the officer RO/CO writing such PER

05. Number of adverse PERs (alongwith period of PER) RO/CO and name of the officer writing such remarks

06. Placed in Category ‘C’ by CSB/DSB/DPC

07. Supresessions in CSB/DSB/DPC concerned

08. Not recommended for promotion in case of HPSB (number of such considerations) and years of HPSB

09. Was found guilty of corruption by NAB/other investigation agency

10. Entered into plea bargain or voluntary return with NAB/other investigating agency

11. Has conduct unbecoming

12. Any other information to be brought before the board.

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