Ford Unveils Revolutionary 2025 Mustang GTD

Ford Unveils Revolutionary 2025 Mustang GTD

Ford has unleashed the extraordinary 2025 Ford Mustang GTD, a stunning masterpiece driven by cutting-edge technology and inspired by the remarkable Mustang GT3, set to dominate the Le Mans racing scene next year.

Unveiling an unprecedented fusion of legacy and performance, the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD mesmerizes with its meticulously crafted carbon fiber wide body and commanding rear wing, which communicates its prowess with a single glance.

Every element of the Mustang GTD is a testament to purposeful design, each curve and contour optimized for functionality. Its singular objective is clear: to dominate the racetrack with an infusion of technology that outpaces even the race cars it draws inspiration from.

With its roots traced back to the minds behind Ford’s celebrated Mustang race cars and the triumphant Le Mans-winning GT, the Mustang GTD stands as the pinnacle of road-hugging speed. Crafted to be the swiftest road-driven Mustang to date, it boasts an exceptional alliance with the asphalt.

The Mustang GTD boasts unparalleled stability, courtesy of its ingenious active aerodynamics and immense traction facilitated by colossal tires paired with an advanced dual ride height short-long arm front suspension and multi-link rear suspension.

Braking with unmatched authority is made possible by the presence of carbon ceramic brakes, while its prowess is enhanced by a rear-mounted 8-speed dual-clutch transaxle and a lightweight carbon fiber driveshaft, ensuring a nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

Underneath the hood, a symphonic supercharged 5.2-liter V8 engine unleashes an estimated 800 horsepower, driving the Mustang GTD with breathtaking velocity. Leveraging the extensive integration of carbon fiber body panels, the Mustang GTD achieves a decrease in weight, a lowered center of gravity, and heightened responsiveness.

Carbon fiber finds its place in the fenders, hood, trunk lid replacement cover, door sills, front splitter, rear diffuser, and roof. Optional carbon fiber front and rear fascias are also on offer. The aerodynamic package, inclusive of a comprehensive carbon fiber underbody tray, introduces pioneering features from the world of motorsports.

Furthermore, it incorporates innovations not permissible in racing, such as hydraulically controlled front flaps that work in tandem with the active rear wing to maintain aerodynamic equilibrium. In a technological leap, the Mustang GTD introduces Ford’s new Variable Traction Control in track mode.

This intelligent system empowers drivers to explore the limits of the vehicle, modulating engine output and traction control with remarkable finesse. Adjustments can be executed seamlessly, guaranteeing optimal performance while keeping hands on the wheel.

Embracing the realm of futuristic automotive advancements, the Mustang GTD adopts an advanced electrical architecture derived from the seventh-generation Mustang, ensuring seamless connectivity, an array of personalized driving modes, and effortless over-the-air software updates.

These cutting-edge technologies seamlessly synchronize to deliver unparalleled handling and command. Whether conquering racetracks or navigating the world’s finest roads, the Mustang GTD promises an enthralling and dynamic driving encounter.

Inside the cockpit, opulent finishes featuring MikoTM suede paired with leather and carbon fiber envelop the driver. Digital displays keep the driver fully engaged and in control. Track-optimized RECARO® seats take the driving experience to another level, complemented by available 3D-printed titanium paddle shifters, a rotary dial shifter, and a serial plate, all ingeniously crafted from retired Lockheed MartinTM F-22TM titanium components.

The rear seats have been removed to trim weight and introduce cargo space. The production of the Mustang GTD will be limited, with anticipated pricing starting at around $300,000 MSRP.

Its journey commences at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant before progressing to Multimatic facilities in Markham, Canada, where a fusion of Ford Performance and Multimatic expertise will handcraft the vehicle with racing-inspired precision.

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