Gwadar Customs auctions huge lot of vehicles on March 2

Gwadar Customs auctions huge lot of vehicles on March 2

The Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation in Gwadar has announced a substantial auction of motor vehicles scheduled for March 2, 2024, at Custom House Gaddani.

The auction includes a diverse range of vehicles, all set to go under the hammer due to various conditions, from rusted to damaged.

The list of vehicles up for auction is extensive, featuring prominent models such as BMW, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Surf Jeep, and many more. Each vehicle has been outlined with details, including chassis numbers, engine numbers, and manufacturing years, providing potential buyers with comprehensive information.

One notable vehicle on the list is a 1993 BMW car, described as fully rusted and in damaged condition. Similarly, a Toyota Land Cruiser from 1994 and a Toyota Avensis from 2005, both exhibiting rust and damage, are also set to be auctioned.

The reasons for auctioning these vehicles range from accident conditions and rusted exteriors to fully damaged states. The auction includes various Toyota models, Suzuki Swift cars, Nissan AD cars, and even a Ford car from 2004.

The announcement emphasizes that the auction is scheduled for March 2, 2024, at Custom House Gaddani, providing interested buyers with a specific date to mark on their calendars. The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation has not only listed the vehicles but has also detailed their conditions, helping potential buyers make informed decisions.

Such auctions serve as opportunities for buyers seeking vehicles for salvage, spare parts, or potential restoration projects. The extensive range of vehicles ensures a diverse selection, catering to different preferences and needs within the automotive market.

Interested parties are encouraged to participate in the auction, where they can bid on the vehicles that align with their requirements. As the auction date approaches, it is expected that more details regarding the bidding process and regulations will be provided, ensuring a transparent and fair procedure for all participants.

This announcement not only signals an opportunity for those in search of affordable vehicles but also reflects the Directorate’s commitment to managing and disposing of seized or unclaimed vehicles in a systematic manner. The auction is poised to draw attention from automotive enthusiasts, salvage yards, and individuals looking for budget-friendly options in the used vehicle market.