Honda Unveils Wireless Connectivity Upgrade for Accord Models

Honda Unveils Wireless Connectivity Upgrade for Accord Models

Honda has introduced an exciting enhancement for owners of 2018-2022 Accord models, consisting of approximately 631,000 vehicles, by offering a dealer-installed upgrade for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.

The cost for this transformative experience comes with a reasonable Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $112, in addition to a dealer labor charge.

Moreover, Honda is sweetening the deal for potential buyers, as the upgrade will be installed at no extra cost on qualifying Accord models sold as Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, providing added value to the certified program.

This innovative feature is part of Honda’s broader sustainability initiative, aiming to extend the lifetime value of existing vehicles through upgrades and cutting-edge digital services.

Owners of 2018-2022 Accord trims that were originally equipped with wired-only Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now have the opportunity to upgrade their vehicles, allowing for seamless wireless access to essential smartphone functions such as apps, navigation, music, and voice assistants.

This marks a significant leap forward in connectivity, ensuring that Honda drivers stay effortlessly linked to their digital lives while on the road.

For Honda enthusiasts eager to make the most of this cutting-edge feature, the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade can be effortlessly installed at any authorized Honda dealer.

This forward-thinking move by Honda not only brings the latest in automotive technology to existing owners but also demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability by maximizing the utility and value of in-market vehicles.

By offering wireless connectivity upgrades, Honda is ensuring that their vehicles remain at the forefront of technological advancements, providing a superior driving experience for their customers. To learn more about this exciting software upgrade, interested consumers can visit the Honda DreamShop.