Lahore Customs Intelligence announces vehicles auction on March 25, 2023

Lahore Customs Intelligence announces vehicles auction on March 25, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Lahore customs intelligence announced auction of motor vehicles to be held on March 25, 2023 at State Ware House, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, 358-Jahanzeb Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.

Following vehicles will be presented for the auction:

01. Nissan Ceferio Car, Registration Plate No.LEE-07-1, Chassis No.GF50-054361, Model 2003, Colour Black.

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02. Honda Accord Car, Registration No.LRX-8411, Chassis No.CF3-1200586, Model 2000, Colour Silver

03. Toyota Mark-X Car, Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX120-0036739, Colour-White , FW151/Islamabad

04. Honda Civic Car, Model 2006, and Chassis No. FD3-1004939 Engine No. -Could not be traced, Colour-Silver.

05. Kawasaki Heavy Bike Ch. No. JKAZXT20AAA027919 Model Year 2010, 1200 R

06. BMW Heavy Bike Ch. No. WB1021608AZPZ4634 Model Year 2010, 800 S

07. Honda Heavy Bike JH2SC6A7YM400905 Model Year 2000 1100 ST

08. Honda Civic Car, 2003 Applied For Chassis No. ES1-1400549 (Subject to Lab Report)

09. Honda Civic Car, 2003 REG. No. LED-12-3138, Chassis No. ESI-1401502 (Subject to Lab Report)

10. Honda Civic 2007, Chassis No. JHMFD16308S216139, Colour- Blue, ARU-969/Islamabad

11. Honda Cvic Car, Chassis No. FD3-1002420, Model-2006, Colour-Silver

12. Toyota Lexus Model-2005, Registration Plate No. HG05 OXK, Chassis No. JTJHW31UX00003408

13. Honda Accord Car, Model 2002, and Chassis No: CL7-3002790, Engine No. N/V, Color-Blue

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14. Toyota Premio Car Model: 2005 (as per seat belt), Registration Plate No. LEB-06-2466, Chassis No. AZT240-0020658

15. Honda Civic Car, Model 2008, Chassis No. JHMFD36208S210755, Colour-Black.

16. Toyota Land Cruiser , Model 2004 Registration Plate No.HF-808 (ICT) Chassis No.UZJ100-0152767 Colour:White

17. Toyota Crown Car Model: 2005 (As per seat belt) Registration Plate No. BRF-666, Chassis No. GRS182-1008300, Colour: White

18. BMW Car, ALL-318-Sindh, Chassis No.WBAAL32090F1169071, Model 1999, Silver

19. Premio Car, Model 2008, Chassis No. ZRT260-3035652, 1797ml, Colour Pearl White, ADM 718/Punjab

20. Premio Car, Model 2010, Chassis No. ZVW30-0160777, 1797ml, Colour Pearl White, ZT 760/ICT

21. Mercedes Benz Car, Model 2006, and Chassis No. WDB2110652A125731, Colour-White, AWV-001

22. Toyota Vitz Car Model 2005 Chassis No SCP90-0016311 color silver fake Reg No VY-413

23. Honda Civic Car Model 2006 Chassis No. FD3-1103995 color

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24. Mercedes Benz Car Model 2001 Chassis No. WDB22017528149503 color Black Fake Reg No. MB-008

25. Mercedes Benz B170 Car Model 2006 Ch No.WDD2452322J094483 color scarlet Red Fake Reg No. YX-500

26. Toyota Mark X Car Model 2004 Chassis No GRX121-1003110 color Black Fake Reg No. ANN-828

27. Mercedes Benz S-320 Model 2002 As per VIN Check Chassis WDB2200652A300157 Color Blue Quartz Metallic Paint

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28. Nissan CIMA 4.5 V8 Car Model 2000 Chassis GF50-002482 color silver

29. Toyota Crown Car Model 2007 Chassis GRS182-1046326 color Pearl White