Maersk Pakistan encroaches KPT land

Maersk Pakistan encroaches KPT land

KARACHI: Maersk Line Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has encroached land of Karachi Port Trust (KPT) situation at Mai Kolachi Road, Karachi.

The KPT issued a notice on Friday to the senior management of the Maersk Line, an international containers shipping company, regarding illegal occupancy of KPT land situated at Mai Kolachi Road, Karachi.

KPT Notice

The port authorities stated that during the course of site inspection at Mai Kolachi Road, it was observed that the company had illegally and unlawfully occupied the KPT land situated at Mai Kolachi by allegedly stacking containers thereon and fixed the sign board with the name (MAERSK).

“And, such being the acts and commission on your [the company] part, the KPT management has seriously taken view,” according to the notice.

The shipping company has been advised to remove the illegal containers and vacate the land immediately along with sign board forthwith within three days from receipt of the notice.

“Otherwise, we will have no option but to take legal action in accordance with at your [the company] own risk and consequence which may please be notice.”

The KPT also asked the company to clarify as to how the company had trespassed the KPT land without prior permission of the competent authority, KPT.