Pakistan unveils first locally made electric car

Pakistan unveils first locally made electric car

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan unveiled its first ever electric hatchback car on Sunday, August 14, 2022. The car has been named Nur-E-75 (named after Noor).

The company which manufactured the car is named as JaXari (named after a scientist from the 12th century, Ismael al-Jazari).

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The car has been designed and developed by DICE foundation, which is U.S. based non-profit organization controlled by Pakistani expatriates. The local academia and the industries also contributed in the car manufacturing process.

The car was unveiled in the ceremony started at 4:00 pm on August 14, 2022. The car was displayed in all its glory featuring awesome designs and functions.

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The car has capacity of five people, having five doors. The power peak is 107 horse power (80 kilo watt). The peak torque is 200Nm. The battery can work till the car covers the distance of 210 kilometer with the air conditioner on. However the actual range is still pending to be tested.

The battery size is 35KwHr. The size of wheel is R16 205/55. The car is fully charged in seven-eight hours from regular 220V outlet, when charging slowly. On the other hand the car is fully charged in two hours from fast DC chargers when charging fast. The time for fast charging still needs to be premeasured.

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The Nur-E is just a concept car which is an initiative taken by Pakistani automotive industry. DICE Foundation is planning to secure investments to commercially produce this car, which may take up to three years.

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