PKR Gains 90 Paisas Against US Dollar: Ninth Consecutive Gain

PKR Gains 90 Paisas Against US Dollar: Ninth Consecutive Gain

The Pakistani Rupee (PKR) has been on a winning streak against the US Dollar, marking its ninth consecutive session of gains.

The PKR closed at PKR 295.95 to the dollar, showing an increase of 90 paisas when compared to the closing rate of PKR 296.85 on September 15, 2023, in the interbank foreign exchange market.

This surge follows the PKR’s record low of PKR 307.10 on September 05, 2023, making it a remarkable gain of PKR 11.15 in a short span.

Currency experts attribute this remarkable turnaround to a combination of factors, with significant credit going to the government’s relentless crackdown on currency smuggling and hoarding. This concerted effort has led to a substantial influx of US Dollars into the formal banking system, ultimately fortifying the PKR.

Exporters have also played a pivotal role in bolstering the PKR’s resurgence. They are increasingly converting their US dollar holdings into PKR through official banking channels, thereby driving up the demand for the Pakistani currency.

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The recent rally in the PKR’s value is a welcome relief after a challenging period of struggle against the US Dollar. The swift and proactive measures taken by authorities to combat illicit currency activities have clearly paid off, resulting in a substantial recovery for the PKR.

Although the currency market remains dynamic and subject to change, experts are vigilantly monitoring the situation as it unfolds. The PKR’s resurgence against the US Dollar is seen as a positive development for Pakistan’s economy. A stronger local currency has the potential to stabilize prices, alleviate inflationary pressures, and boost investor confidence.

As the crackdown against currency smuggling and hoarding continues, and with exporters increasingly choosing official channels, the performance of the Pakistani Rupee in the foreign exchange market remains a topic of keen interest for investors, businesses, and policymakers alike.

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For the latest updates on the PKR-USD exchange rate and other financial news, we recommend staying informed through reliable sources and consulting financial experts within Pakistan.

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