Samsung and Hyundai Join Forces for Advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment Solutions

Samsung and Hyundai Join Forces for Advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment Solutions

Samsung Electronics has announced its partnership with Hyundai Motor Company to power their next-generation in-vehicle infotainment systems with the Exynos Auto V920, Samsung’s latest automotive processor.

This collaboration marks Samsung’s entry into the automotive semiconductor market with Hyundai Motor, a global leader in mobility.

Jae Geol Pyee, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, System LSI Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that it will solidify Samsung’s position in the automotive infotainment industry. He also emphasized Samsung’s commitment to creating cutting-edge automotive chip solutions in collaboration with their global customers and ecosystem partners, aiming to deliver safe and enjoyable mobility experiences.

The Exynos Auto V920 is Samsung’s third-generation automotive processor, designed specifically for advanced in-vehicle infotainment systems.

With significant improvements in CPU, graphics, and neural processing performance, the V920 enables real-time display of critical driving information, seamless playback of graphics-intensive video content, and smooth gaming experiences on multiple displays.

The V920 CPU incorporates 10 of Arm’s latest cores, optimized for autonomous driving, delivering 1.7 times higher processing performance compared to the previous generation. It efficiently manages up to six high-resolution displays for various in-car systems, such as the dashboard, infotainment, and rear seat entertainment. Additionally, it supports up to 12 camera sensors, capturing vital visual information.

Enhancements to the graphics and artificial intelligence (AI) performance of the processor result in improved visual presentation on displays and optimized driver interaction with in-car information. The V920 integrates advanced GPU cores, offering graphics processing capabilities up to two times faster than its predecessor, ensuring a rich graphical user interface (GUI).

The neural processing unit (NPU) of the V920 achieves 2.7 times greater performance compared to the previous generation. This empowers the processor to support enhanced driver monitoring features, enabling better detection of the driver’s state and swift assessment of the surroundings, ultimately providing a safer driving environment.

In terms of safety, the V920’s embedded safety island meets Automotive Safety Integrity Level B (ASIL-B) requirements, detecting and managing faults in real-time to maintain the security of the in-vehicle infotainment system.

By partnering with Hyundai Motor, Samsung Electronics aims to establish a strong foothold in the automotive infotainment market and continue to innovate in automotive chip solutions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable mobility experience for users.

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