Sindh Revenue Board Advises Taxpayers to Verify Active Status Online

Sindh Revenue Board Advises Taxpayers to Verify Active Status Online

Karachi, September 5, 2023 – The Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) issued a public notice on Tuesday urging taxpayers to utilize the online portal to check their active status.

This initiative is in accordance with Section 25B of the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act, 2011.

The Active Taxpayer List (ATL) is a key component of the SRB’s efforts to streamline tax compliance and maintain transparency. The ATL is accessible through the SRB’s official website, where individuals can search for the status of a SRB-registered person. The status will be indicated as either ‘active’ or ‘non-active’ in accordance with clause (1A) of Section 2 of the Act, 2011.

The SRB has emphasized that it is diligently updating the ATL to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information. This move not only aids the provincial revenue authority in monitoring tax compliance but also offers taxpayers a convenient means to verify their current status.

Furthermore, the SRB has advised all taxpayers and withholding agents to take advantage of this verification facility. They can check the status of a SRB-registered person if they wish to do so, contributing to greater transparency and accountability in tax-related matters.

This proactive step by the Sindh Revenue Board aligns with the broader objective of fostering a more efficient and compliant tax system, benefiting both the government and taxpayers alike.

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