Steering committee constituted for FBR restructuring

Steering committee constituted for FBR restructuring

ISLAMABAD: A 7-member steering committee has been constituted on Friday for restructuring of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

An office order issued by the FBR said that the steering committee shall comprise following members:

01. Syed Muhammad Shabbar Zaidi, Chairman, FBR will be chairperson of the committee

02. Ms. Nausheen Javed Amjad (Inland Revenue Service (IRS)/BS22), Member (Administration, FBR.

03. Muhammad Javed Ghani (Pakistan Customs Service (PCS)/BS-22), Member (Customs – Policy), FBR.

04. Ms. Seema Shakil (IRS/BS-21), Member (IR-Operations), FBR.

05. Dr. Jawwad Uwais Agha, (PSC/BS-21) Member (Customs-Operations), FBR

06. Dr. Hamid Ateeq Sarwar (IRS/BS21) Member (IR-Policy), FBR.

07. Talha Aziz Khan (IRS/BS-19) Chief (OPS), Chairman Office (Staff Officer-II) will be secretary of the steering committee.

The FBR also constituted four sub-committees. The chairpersons of these sub-committees are as follow:

01. Sub-Committee – Re-Organization to be headed by Dr. Hamid Ateeq Sarwar

02. Sub-Committee – Human Resource will be headed by Ms. Nausheen Javed Amjad

03. Sub-Committee – Field Formations will be headed by Muhammad Javed Ghani

04. Sub-Committee – Automation will be headed by Dr. Fareed Iqbal Qureshi (PCS/BS-21), Chief Collector Customs Appraisement (Central).

The FBR said that the officers shall assist the steering committee in finalizing the proposals for restructuring of FBR (Headquarters and field formations of IRS and PCS.)

The consultative committees formed on November 08, 2019 have been asked to ensure that their recommendations should reach by November 20, 2019.