Industry demands separate gas line to avoid losses

Industry demands separate gas line to avoid losses

KARACHI: The business community has demanded separate gas line for industries and CNG stations in order to avoid production losses.

Saleem Parekh, President, SITE Association of Trade and Industry in a statement on Wednesday said that the common gas line for industries and CNG stations is a ‘hurdle in industrial production’ and also the main cause behind low gas pressure being faced by industries of SITE frequently.

He said that on the days when CNG stations remains open, the industries face acute low gas pressure which is similar to no gas and badly effects industrial production.

Hardly 30 percent industries manage to run on low gas pressure due to which, exporters in particular face delays in timely completion of export orders.

There are approximately 4,000 industries in SITE area, Karachi, out of which 60 percent industries run on gas. As such, the production process of these 60 percent industries stops due to low gas pressure which remains below the required pressure.

Resultantly, the industries suffer losses of billions due to production losses and damages. They quoted that in other industrial zones, separate gas lines have been laid for industries and CNG stations.

Therefore, gas line of SITE Area industries should be separated from CNG stations line in order to maintain the gas pressure required to run industries.

Expressing concern over gas closure for industries on Sundays, they said that on every Sunday, gas remains closed for industries for 24 hours.

However, gas pressure starts to drop 4-6 hours earlier, much before the time given for closure. The effects of one day gas closure last for more than 36-40 hours which ultimately hits industries.

The possibilities of increase in unemployment due to closure of industries cannot be ignored in this matter.

They demanded the Federal Government to direct SSGC to end Sunday gas closure for industries, improve gas load management system and provide gas to industries in required pressure so that industrial production continues without hurdle which is essential to put the country back on the path of economic and industrial development.