KIA Pakistan Slashes Prices of Sportage Models in March 2024

KIA Pakistan Slashes Prices of Sportage Models in March 2024

KIA Pakistan has announced a significant price reduction for KIA Sportage models for the month of March 2024. This limited-time offer brings an exceptional opportunity for customers to acquire their desired KIA Sportage at remarkably reduced rates.

Effective from March 4, 2024, customers can benefit from these revised prices, which promise substantial savings without compromising on the renowned KIA quality and performance.

Revised Prices of KIA Sportage Models:

KIA Sportage Alpha: Previously priced at PKR 7,550,000, the ex-factory price for the Alpha variant has been slashed to an enticing PKR 7,300,000, marking an impressive reduction of PKR 250,000.

KIA Sportage FWD: With a previous price tag of PKR 8,040,000, the ex-factory price for the Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) variant has been lowered to PKR 7,740,000, offering customers a remarkable saving of PKR 300,000.

KIA Sportage AWD: The All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variant, previously priced at PKR 8,770,000, is now available at a reduced ex-factory price of PKR 8,470,000, presenting customers with a notable discount of PKR 300,000.

KIA Sportage Black Limited Edition: Enthusiasts eyeing the exclusive Black Limited Edition can now rejoice as the price has been reduced from PKR 9,300,000 to an appealing PKR 9,000,000, translating to a significant saving of PKR 300,000.

To take advantage of these reduced prices, customers are encouraged to place their orders and get invoiced starting from March 4, 2024. Additionally, all new orders booked in the LMC system from the same date will be processed at the revised ex-factory prices, ensuring that customers can seamlessly avail themselves of this lucrative offer.

While the mentioned prices are exclusive of freight and insurance charges, customers should be aware that any new duties or taxes imposed by the Government and applicable at the time of delivery will be borne by them. However, despite these additional charges, the overall savings offered through the price reductions make this an unbeatable opportunity to own a KIA Sportage.

KIA Pakistan’s decision to slash prices for the Sportage models in March 2024 presents an exciting prospect for customers seeking quality vehicles at competitive prices.