MCC Gwadar announces auction of vehicles on Aug 13

MCC Gwadar announces auction of vehicles on Aug 13

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC), Gwadar has announced auction of old and new lot of confiscated vehicles to be held on August 13, 2021.

The auction will be held at Customs House, Gaddani on ‘as is where is’ basis.

The collectorate to auction following confiscated vehicles:

01. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. BC-0448, Chassis No. HJ61-002060, Engine No. Nil, Model: 1986

02. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSB-808, Chassis No. AK1JRKA-16027, Engine JO8CB16832, Model:2012

03. Coach, Reg No. BSA-515, Chassis No. AK1JMKA-1415, Engine No. Nil, Model: Nil

04. Toyota Land Cruiser (Red), Reg No. BA-8164, Chassis No. BJ160-009711, Engine No. Not Traceable, Model: 1985

05. Indus Corolla Car, Reg No. GF-1411, Chassis No. AE100-0028693, Engine No. Not Traceable, Model: 1994

06. Land Cruiser Prado, Reg No. Not Traceble, Chassis No. LJ78-0002499, Model. 1990

07. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.BA-5186, Chassis No. HJ60-009651, Model. 1984

08. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg: JAA-889, Ch# BJ-60-020679, Model: 1988

09. Mitsubishi Pajero, Reg: JAL-231, Ch# LO48G-3005856, Model: 1985

10. Land Cruiser, Reg: QAB-1649, Ch# HJ61-013994, Model:1989

11. Toyota Jeep Land Cruiser, Reg: AFR-2015, Ch: FJ40-371932, Model: 1989

12. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg: Nil, Ch:# LJ78-0039971, Eng:# ZL-33868, Model: 1993

13. Honda Civic Car, Reg: Nil, Ch:# ESI-1600827, Eng:#D1610173-004871, Model: 2002

14. BMW, Reg: Nil, Ch:# WBAGL62090DJ92594, Eng:#CC-300, Model: 2002

15. Toyota Surf, Reg: Nil, Ch:# KZN130-9032504, Eng:#Not Traceable, Model: 1993

16. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. LSA-3469, Chassis No.FJ55-88824, Engine No. Nil, Model: 1992

17. Hino Bus, Reg No. CH-14538, Chassis No. AK8JRKA-14538, Engine No. Nil, Model: 2016

18. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSA-554, Chassis No. AK1JRKA-11056, Engine No. Nil, Model: Nil

19. Hino Bus, Reg No. JB-3335, Chassis No. AK8JRKA-15635, Model: 2012

20. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSA-327, Chassis No. AK17X-41808, Engine No. –Model: 1992

21. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSA-571, Chassis No. AK-I-JRKA-16707, Engine No. Nil, Model: 2011

22. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. QBA-3037, Chassis No. FZ180-016013, Model Nil

23. Nissan Sunny Car, Reg No. Nill, Chassis No. JN1BDAB14Z0336115, Engine No. GMI-6080565, Model: Nill

24. Honda Accord, Reg No. AVP-786, Chassis No. CL7-3003313, Engine No. N/A, Model: Nill

25. Toyota Altis Car, Reg No. AZR-182, Chassis No. ZZE142-7403917, Engine No. N/T, Model: N/T

26. Mitsubmishi Pejero, Reg No.KB-1782, Chassis No. CL048VFY100117, Engine No. N/T, Model: N/T

27. Mitsubishi Pejero, Reg No.Nill, Chassis No. V45-4401374, Engine No. 2L2678454, Model: 1998

28. Mitsubishi Pejero, Reg No.JAB-248, Chassis No. LJ78-00151955, Engine No. –TE, Model: Nill

29. Mitsubishi Pejero (03 Door), Reg No.LSC-5465, Chassis No. V24-7700536, Engine No. 4D56-T7UF, Model: Nill

30. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.BD-4472, Chassis No. FZJ80-0022240, Engine No. N/T, Model:1992

31. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.BF-7385, Chassis No. HZJ80-0011965, Engine No. N/T

32.  Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.Nill, Chassis No. LENFN28FX95300066, Engine No. 312684, Model:Nill

33. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Reg No.JAF-883, Chassis No. IZJ78-0027017, Engine No.1KZIT, Model:1996

34. Toyota Hilux Pickup, Reg No.WAE-893, Chassis No. RN43-008601, Engine No.Nill, Model:Nill

35. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.JAA-038, Chassis No. HJ61-006515, Engine No.1158881, Model:1987

36. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.JAA-195, Chassis No. LJ71-0003920, Engine No.2L-1651949, Model:Nill

37. Pejero, Reg No.JAA-983, Chassis No. CL0048VGJ400698, Engine No.Nill, Model:Nill

38. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.JAC-265, Chassis No. KZJ78-0001358, Engine No.1KZ-TE-0005609, Model:NIll

39. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.JAD-117, Chassis No. FZ-J80-0163691, Engine No.Nill, Model:Nill

40. Hino Mazda Truck, Reg No. JW-1236, Chassis No. AK176KA-43256, Engine No. 12181, Model: 1992

New Lots

41. Toyota Mark-X Car, Reg No. AYH-634, Chassis No. GRX121-3002167, Engine No. 3GR-00666157, Model: 2007

42. Toyota Prius Car, Reg No. AVK-555, Chassis No. NHW20-0008279, Engine No. A.311091, Model: 2004

43. Toyota Mark-X Car, Reg No.AFR-2020, Chassis No. GRX121-1002780, Engine No. 3GR-FSE, Model: 2004