Mysterious gas kills four near Karachi Port

Mysterious gas kills four near Karachi Port

KARACHI: Leakage of poisonous gas from unknown place on Sunday killed at least four people and faint many others.

Sources said that the location of gas leakage was still unknown. At first instance it was assumed that a shipped docked at the Karachi Port was main reason for gas leakage. However, port authorities rejected such claims saying no such ship was arrived at the port.

Faisal Edhi of Edhi Foundation has confirmed four deaths due to the incidents. “Two bodies were at Ziauddin Hospital and other two were at Kutyana Memon Hospital,” he said.

Faisal Edhi further said that the effected persons due to gas leakages were brought at the nearby hospitals of Kharadar and Kemari.

Ali Zaidi, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, in a tweet message said that he was shocked on the casualties due to poisonous gas.

“The incident was not occurred at the port. However, officials of Karachi Port Trust (KTP) have been sent to the location for the investigation,” he added.

He requested everyone to refrain from making any comments on the media till the facts are not known.

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