Pakistan Single Window expands operations to dry ports

Pakistan Single Window expands operations to dry ports

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) has announced the extension of its operations to all dry ports (except Quetta), effective May 3, 2023. This move aims to enhance the facilitation of cross-border trade operations in Pakistan.

The expansion enables the clearance of commercial consignments under Chapters 1 to 50 of the Pakistan Customs Tariff through PSW, allowing for a simplified process via the submission of a Single Declaration (SD).

With the implementation of this development, PSW now handles the clearance of imported consignments, eliminating the need for multiple declarations to various government agencies. The Single Declaration, a core feature of the PSW system, allows parties involved in international trade to submit standardized information and documents at a single-entry point, satisfying the regulatory requirements of multiple government agencies simultaneously. Presently, PSW facilitates the clearance of imported items regulated by the Department of Plant Protection (DPP), Animal Quarantine Department (AQD), Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department (FSD&RD), and Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) by electronically issuing import permits, release orders, and export certificates.

As the leading public sector entity responsible for the digital transformation of cross-border trade, PSW considers this expansion a significant milestone in improving the ease of doing business. By streamlining and digitalizing clearance processes, PSW aims to enhance trade facilitation. Syed Aftab Haider, the CEO of Pakistan Single Window, emphasized the initiative’s role in creating a seamless clearance process and expediting trade operations. He encouraged traders to leverage the hassle-free, cost-effective, and harmonized system and assured them of PSW’s support and assistance through designated channels.

PSW recognizes dry ports as essential partner networks, involving terminal operators, trucking and logistics companies, clearing agents, freight forwarders, and more. The institution fully supports the modernization of customs and regulatory processes at dry ports. To achieve seamless collaboration, PSW intends to develop and implement a dry port community system, integrating all public and private sector stakeholders onto a single platform. This system will provide traders with end-to-end visibility of cargo movement, allowing for real-time container and cargo tracking systems to increase reliability and security. Simplification of customs and control formalities will ultimately reduce time and cost.

Pakistan Single Window, led by Pakistan Customs, aims to digitalize cross-border trade and eliminate manual, paper-based processes. By providing an integrated electronic platform, PSW enables all parties involved in international trade and transport to submit standardized information and documents through a single-entry point, fulfilling import, export, and transit regulatory requirements. This initiative is designed to reduce time and cost, ultimately promoting a more efficient and streamlined ecosystem for cross-border trade in Pakistan.

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