Hyderabad Customs to Auction Non-Duty Paid Motor Vehicles on August 11

Hyderabad Customs to Auction Non-Duty Paid Motor Vehicles on August 11

Karachi, August 10, 2023 – The Collectorate of Customs in Hyderabad has announced an auction of a large quantity of non-duty paid (NDP) motor vehicles scheduled for August 11, 2023.

The collectorate has provided details of the motor vehicles to be auctioned, which include:

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1. Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (Model 2017, HP-4600 CC)

2. Honda Civic Car (Model 2007, HP-1500 CC)

3. Suzuki Swift Car (Model 2006, HP-1300 CC)

4. Toyota Premio Car (Model 2004, HP-1800 CC)

5. Toyota Vitz Car (Model 2011, HP-1000 CC)

6. Toyota Vitz Car (Model 2008, HP-1300 CC)

7. Toyota Land Cruiser (Cygnus, Model 2000, HP-4800 CC)

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8. Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Car (Model 2010, HP-2955 CC)

9. Heavy Motor Bike (Model 2002, HP-600 CC)

10. Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (Model 2003, HP-4663 CC)

11. Toyota Vitz Car (Model 1999, HP-1000 CC)

12. Toyota Mark X Car (Model 2013, HP-2500 CC)

13. Toyota Corolla (Altis, Model 2018, HP-1600 CC)

14. Toyota Premio Car (Model 2008, HP-1800 CC)

15. Alto Car (Model 1999, HP-660 CC)

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16. Suzuki Swift Car (Model 2006, HP-1300 CC)

17. Toyota Corolla (GLI, Model 2012, HP-1328 CC)

These vehicles are being auctioned due to their non-duty paid status. The auction is open to interested individuals and businesses who meet the criteria set by the Customs authorities. It’s important for potential buyers to participate while adhering to all legal requirements and guidelines.

The auction presents an opportunity for individuals to acquire vehicles at potentially attractive prices. However, it’s advisable for participants to be well-informed about the auction process and regulations before making any bids.

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