Siraj’s Heartfelt $5,000 Gift Brightens Asia Cup Finale

Siraj’s Heartfelt $5,000 Gift Brightens Asia Cup Finale

Indian fast bowler Mohammad Siraj, who delivered an outstanding performance in the Asia Cup 2023 final, showcased his gratitude towards the Sri Lankan ground staff.

Siraj, recognized as a standout player of the match, selflessly handed over his $5,000 prize to the dedicated ground crew at Colombo’s R Premadasa Stadium.

Siraj, a key figure in the Asia Cup final, expressed his appreciation, stating, “This award goes to the ground staff. Without them, this tournament wouldn’t have been possible. They deserve all the credit.” His sentiment resonated with many who acknowledged the indispensable role played by the ground staff.

This year’s tournament, co-hosted by Pakistan and Sri Lanka, faced significant challenges due to the rainy season. However, Siraj’s generous gesture illuminated the event.

The Asian cricket spectacle comprised four matches for Pakistan and nine for Sri Lanka, with rain causing disruptions in several Sri Lanka-based matches, including a no-result encounter between India and Pakistan in the group stage.

Even the Super 4 stage’s semi-final between Sri Lanka and Pakistan fell victim to rain, highlighting the persistent weather challenges.

Despite these adverse conditions, the Sri Lankan ground staff emerged as unsung heroes, working tirelessly to ensure rain-affected matches could reach their conclusion.

Recognizing their dedication, the Asian Cricket Council’s chief, Jay Shah, announced a $50,000 award on behalf of the ACC and Sri Lanka Cricket for the curators and ground staff in Kandy.

Siraj’s remarkable bowling performance in the final proved crucial in dismantling the Sri Lankan batting lineup, securing six wickets while conceding only 21 runs, limiting them to a mere 50 runs.

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