Peugeot Unveils Upgraded Panoramic i-Cockpit for Upcoming 3008 Model

Peugeot Unveils Upgraded Panoramic i-Cockpit for Upcoming 3008 Model

Peugeot, the renowned French automaker, is set to introduce an upgraded version of its innovative dashboard layout, the Panoramic i-Cockpit. Originally showcased in 2010 with the SR1 concept and later implemented in the 208 supermini, this evolutionary design will make its debut in September 2023 on the upcoming 3008 model.

The highlight of this new setup is a 21-inch curved display, mounted high on the dashboard, which elegantly curves towards the driver.

To enhance the user experience, Peugeot has incorporated a set of interactive controls, known as i-Toggles, onto the center console. These touch-sensitive buttons, totaling 10 in number, can be customized to cater to the preferences of both the driver and the front passenger.

By reducing the reliance on traditional controls, Peugeot has achieved a minimalist design, proving that less can indeed be more.

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In a bid to declutter the cabin further, Peugeot has eliminated the gear lever and replaced it with PRND buttons positioned to the right of the dashboard’s start/stop button.

This adjustment not only increases storage space but also expands the surface area of the wireless charging pad for smartphones. The merging of the slim left and center air vents creates a more cohesive and sophisticated appearance.

In addition to these features, the small steering wheel also incorporates touch controls, providing easy access to various functions.

Peugeot aims to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience, addressing the concerns raised by some other car manufacturers, like Volkswagen, who faced criticism for their touch-sensitive steering wheel controls and have committed to returning to conventional controls.

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To create a cozy ambiance within the vehicle, Peugeot has implemented ambient lighting across the full width of the dashboard and door panels. With a choice of eight different colors, the lighting reflects on the real aluminum trim, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Initially showcased on the range-topping GT trim level of the 2024 3008 model, the Panoramic i-Cockpit will be a standard feature in upcoming Peugeot models, including the next-generation 5008, in the coming years.

Peugeot continues to push the boundaries of automotive design and technology with its latest Panoramic i-Cockpit, featuring a curved 21-inch display, interactive i-Toggles, decluttered controls, and customizable ambient lighting. This innovation promises an enhanced driving experience and sets the stage for future Peugeot models.

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