Pakistan on High Alert: Federal Commission Issues Warning of Flash Flooding

Pakistan on High Alert: Federal Commission Issues Warning of Flash Flooding

Islamabad, July 23, 2023 – The Federal Flood Commission of Pakistan has issued a warning about the potential threat of flash flooding in various parts of the country. The commission has identified rivers Indus, Chenab, Ravi, and Kabul as currently flowing in low flood with a rising trend observed at specific locations.

According to the daily report by the Federal Flood Commission (FFC), moderate to heavy intensity flash flooding is expected in the Nullahs of Balochistan, including Loralai, Kalat, Sibbi, Makran, and Nasirabad divisions, as well as hill torrents of D G Khan division within the next 24 hours.

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One of the main concerns is the surge in water level at the Mangla Dam, which currently stands at 1214.95 feet. The increase is attributed to continuous heavy rainfall and glacial melting in the Himalayan region of Jammu & Kashmir. The dam, located on the Jhelum River, is rapidly approaching its maximum conservation level of 1242 feet, which has a live storage capacity of 5.329 million acre-feet.

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Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and are taking immediate actions to manage the water levels in the reservoirs, aiming to prevent any potential flooding. The primary goal is to avoid further escalation of the situation and mitigate the risks posed to communities residing in vulnerable areas.

The commission has urged residents living in low-lying areas near the rivers to exercise caution and remain vigilant during this period. They have also advised people to stay informed about updates and follow safety guidelines issued by local authorities.

The Federal Flood Commission of Pakistan is actively collaborating with various regional departments and disaster management agencies to ensure a swift and coordinated response in case of any emergencies. The situation remains closely monitored, and the commission is prepared to implement further measures if necessary to safeguard lives and property.

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In light of the forecasted flash flooding, it is essential for citizens to stay alert and prepared. Local authorities are urged to mobilize resources and personnel to address any emergencies that may arise. The cooperation of the public, combined with the efforts of government agencies, will be crucial in mitigating the impact of potential flash floods and ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens.

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